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sunday dinner

sunday dinner

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I need to cook more. Sunday dinner seems like a good start.

cure stalled…

I would love to know how people actually finish every single cure task on time! This is my second attempt to get my house in order and my efforts have completely fallen off. With that said. I did manage to finish a few projects. It’s a step in the right direction.

I needed a dresser and saw an awesome Ikea Hack on design*sponge (LOVE d*s). One trip to Ikea (thank you, zipcar) and I now have bedroom storage.

My other project was less intensive. Since my plants are still thriving (hey now!), I wanted to give them a proper home. Ikea to the rescue once again as their frosta stools were the perfect size. The painted surface was inspired by this hack from door sixteen.

This weekend, I’m headed to the One of a Kind Show in Chicago. Held at the Merchandise Mart, hundreds of artists and designers gather to showcase and sell their wares. I loved it last year and cannot wait to go back. The cure may be on the back burner but shopping for it never ends.

Week #3: Entry Update

The Container Store is quickly becoming my favorite store. It’s filled with all kinds of ways to be super organized in ways you didn’t know was possible. I walked in with a list so that I wouldn’t stray and within minutes that list went out the window. By the time I made it to the register, I put my foot down and put back the gem shaped magnets (Seriously, wtf?).

The goal was to find items to help organize my entry way. Here’s what I bought:

Now, I already own a charging station that I keep in my bedroom. Did I need to buy this one? Probably, not.  Either way, it will end up on my desk or in the kitchen.

I'm a sucker for 4.99 pricepoints.

Mobi Charging Station

I also bought a shoe rack system because the photo on the left is what my hallway looks like on normal basis. The hallway is clear now and I’m happy.

10-Compartment Canvas Hanging Shoe Bag

Finally, I worked on a few options for the dresser.  There were piles of junk mail on the surface (and on my desk).   I’m going to live with this for a while.  There are a few placeholders for art.  Any suggestions? 


Fall Cure: Week #3 The Entry!

This week’s focus is the entry way.  During the Spring Cure, I set up what I thought was the best solution for organizing things like my keys and the mail.  It worked for a while and then I noticed piles forming on my desk and various other places.   The fix was no longer working and I’m back to square one.  Sigh… let’s get to the list.


Week Three Deep Treatment 

Vacuum, dust, and mop throughout your home.
Clean entrance and related closets.
Arrange to have all repairs taken care of in the next three weeks. 
Declutter your entrance.  Almost there
Move all old mail, catalogs, and magazines to the outbox. Done! It will take at least two hours to file and shred but that’s on the list for this weekend.
Look into what you would need to create a landing strip.  I need to find a way to organize my shoes and crap mail.  Oddly, I see nothing wrong with spending $100 bucks on an owl stand to hold junk mail.

cute right??

Cancel any unused subscriptions.  Done! 
Identify cool rooms and warm rooms. Done! 
Apply the 80/20 color rule.
Cook two meals at home.
Design an invitation for your housewarming.

Week Three One-Room Remedy
Research your shopping list.  This is a work in progress.  My budget keeps changing but I hope to have it finalized this week.
Start a list of proposed interior changes.
Identify cool rooms and warm rooms.
Determine whether window treatments are necessary.  YES! I think I’ve found the perfect treatment but it will all depend on the final wall color.
Apply the 80/20 color rule.
Research and call in help this week.

This will be a busy week but I don’t feel overwhelmed…. at least for right now.

6-8 Weeks til Arrival

After a four year search… I bought a couch.  It’s not the vintage gem I expected to mysteriously stumble upon for but I think I like it!

Week One/Two: Catch Up

Between school and work, finding the time for the Cure is proving to be very difficult.  I do a little bit here and there when I can.  It’s unorganized but it works.  Let’s get to the rest of week one! 


Fix one thing in your apartment Fixed the drawer on my tv stand. It’s a temporary fix as I need a new stand  but I like it.  

I watch Gilmore Girls...


Clean your kitchen from top to bottom and throw away old food  DONE! 

Buy a water filter and use it  Done! Carryover from Spring Cure


Run your hands over every wall in your apartment Another one of those weird tasks. (I’m committed so I’ll do it-again!) I’ll admit that I haven’t done this and probably won’t

Clear space for and Outbox Use Outbox   Done! Using an outbox was never a problem.  It’s the getting the stuff out of my house that I just can’t figure out!


Buy Flowers:    I always forget about flowers until I’m half way home from Whole Foods.  On the bright side, my plants are still alive! Baby steps… 

Determine your style   I’ve settled on Modern Vintage. (Yay for oxymoron!)

 Head Find a new recipe and cook one meal at home.   Done! I forgot to take pics but let’s just say it totally looked like this!


Spicy Orange-Glazed Drumsticks with Green Beans

Real Simple

Choose a date for housewarming.   Done! I travel a lot during the holidays so I decided to have people over for NYE.

One Room Remedy:  No updates for the bedroom.  I worked on a floorplan but that’s about it.  

Next up…the entry way.