Coveted: A Chic Dining Room

This is what my dining room looks like now.  The table was in my old kitchen and is just not working for me now.  If I had the funds to replace it, believe me I would.   For now, I plan on staining them dark.  I think the contrast with blue walls and white accents could be rather striking.  Well, striking is a strong word.  I’d settle for really stinkin’ cool.

Not much to see here

Since the space is empty, painting is first on the list.  Who knew there were so many color options!?  I literally spent hours looking at samples and I think I’ve narrowed it down to three:


2 responses to “Coveted: A Chic Dining Room

  1. A chandelier for the dining room would be stinkin cool. I got mine at IKEA for like $20.

    • I was thinking about an arched lamp in the corner (not sure which). Btw: The painting party is coming soon! Be on the lookout for details.

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