Home Cure: Week #2 (Wrap Up)

I wanted to spend the weekend finishing the kitchen.  However, the universe had other plans as I slept until two in the afternoon on both Saturday and Sunday. Admittedly, I have not done that in years but it was  glorious.  Despite my Sleeping Beauty tendencies, I still managed to get some minor things done so let’s get to it.


Clean your kitchen from top to bottom and throw away old food

On the list for this weekend. I may even do a little tonight DONE!!! It took me two days to get through it all but it’s finally done.  Here’s a rundown of what I did:

  • Washed all surfaces, cupboards, windows and the floor
  • Threw away old leftovers and untouched frozen goods.  Normally, I’m against such food waste but leaving it in the refrigerator to rot is not good either.
  • Cleaned the stove and over.  I hated this chore.  I’d rather do take out for life than have to do that again.  I’m joking but seriously considered it after 20 minutes of scrubbing.
  • Organized the cupboards- I’ve been meaning to do this so that I can restock at Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s.  I tend to buy duplicates and hopefully this will help end that.


Run your hands over every wall in your apartment

Another one of those weird tasks. (I’m committed so I’ll do it!) Update: I failed to do this as I slept most of the weekend.  It’s a valid excuse.


Find a new recipe and cook one meal at home.

Halfway done.  I have the recipe but this weekend was rather busy (at night anyway) as I had dinner plans.  I’ll update this week when I have more time.  Trust me, it’s a good one.

Choose a date for housewarming.

Since the cure is scheduled to end the week of May 2nd, I think the following week could work.

but wait, there’s more!

There’s still a lot that I want to do in the Kitchen but it’s starting to take shape. Here are a few after shots (You can find before shots on flickr!).

Storage (After)

Storage (After)

I still don’t like the shelving.  If I weren’t in a rental, I add more cupboards.  Maybe I can paint the hardware to be less noticeable?

Appliances (After)

Appliances (After)

The craptastic spice rack has to go.  It’s my least favorite thing about the kitchen (next to the floors!).

Counter (After)

Counter (After)

Please excuse the fuzzy picture. I moved the Coffee (Cawfee, hee hee) Machine and Toaster off the counter when not in use.  I’m sure this takes away from making coffee and breakfast in the morning but the counter looks much neater this way.  It also shows off the tiles that are starting to grow on me.

Next week’s focus is the entry way.  Hopefully, less labor intensive….oof my back!


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