Home Cure: Week #3 (Wrap Up)

Anyone else ever get caught up trying to recreate what’s supposed to be a design inspiration photo?  Sure, there are a few that are simple enough to replicate but I can’t help but feel disappointed when it’s just not possible.  This week I learned that a style tray is just that a style tray.  A means to determine your style.

I was so set on trying to create an entry way (this week’s focus) based on a styled photo from West Elm.  Realistically, it would never fit in the space but I held on to the idea for a few days anyway.  It wasn’t until I tried to fill the space with a temporary solution that I came up with something totally new.  The longer I live with the set up (a set up that was created with things that I already owned- Yay Outbox!), the more I like love it.

Now, there’s still more to be done but it looks more like me.  My home will never be a showroom featured on AT and I’m okay with that.  Well, I wouldn’t mind but you know what I mean! 🙂

So let’s get to it.


Vacuum, dust, and mop throughout your home.

Everything’s done except for the living room.

Clean entrance and related closets.

Not much to clean.  I moved anything that was unrelated (laundry items, shoes, etc) from the coat closet.  I’ll tackle the other closets in the coming weeks.

Arrange to have all repairs taken care of in the next three weeks.

Like I said, my repairs are pretty minor so I’m trying to tackle as many as I can myself.  This week I crossed another one off the list!  I wasn’t happy with the shower head that came with my apartment.  During a target run, I found a great eco-friendly model from waterpik .  Not only am I becoming rather handy but I’m saving the planet!

Look into what you would need to create a landing strip.

So as I said, I got a case of magazine envy this week.  In the end, I think the entry came out well.  I’m looking for a mirror to go above the bookcase and a bin for the bags.

started with this

started with this

wanted this

wanted this

ended up with this

ended up with this


Identify cool rooms and warm rooms.

Hallway, Kitchen, Dining Room, Living Room, Office, Bathroom, Bedroom

Apply the 80/20 color rule.

I’m still working on this one.  I love my neutrals!

Next week’s focus: Living Room!


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