Home Cure: Week #5 (Wrap Up)

The fact that I did not post a mid week check in is rather telling about how much I did last week.  The focus was the living room and I hate my living room.  There’s so much to be done.  I just wish I could wiggle my nose and have a cozy (fully furnished and decorated) room.  Unfortunately, my life isn’t a Nick at Night sitcom so I have to do a little at time until my money tree arrives.

Enough with the pity party, let’s get to it.

Do List (Deep Treatment):
• Take care of repairs this week. Working on it.
Clean office area and related closets. Done.  I still need to buy a canvas to cover the cable monster.  Thank goodness for zip ties.
Vacuum, dust and mop throughout. Done. Several times over.
Declutter files. Done.  There is a pile that needs to be shredded but what needed to be filed is neatly put away.
Tackle the cord octopus. Done.  See above
Try a one-day media fast. 12 hrs was my limit.  I’m a media queen and I’m okay with that.
Buy fresh flowers. Done.  Beautiful mini roses.

flowers make me happy!

flowers make me happy!

Choose at least one hard or soft thing to add or subtract. I put up some photos in the kitchen (soft?).  They’re growing on me but I might switch them out.

completely uneven

completely uneven

Cook three meals at home this week. Done. I even made homemade pizza!

mmm bacon

mmm bacon

Go to bed early and read before sleep. 11p is early for me.
(Optional) Look into wireless technologyOngoing. I’m looking into this as the cable clutter makes me want to vomit.

Week six is all about the bathroom (groan).  I’m also going to work on the living room and dining room.  We’ll see how it goes!


One response to “Home Cure: Week #5 (Wrap Up)

  1. That pizza looks awesome!!!!

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