Home Cure: Playing Catch Up (Week Six)

Technically, I should be working on week #7 but a trip to NY put me a little behind schedule.  The trip was lovely as always but far too short.  Can’t wait to head back for a Mets game!  Anyway, this weekend was all about catching up.  I know that I will still have pending projects post cure but I managed to still get a lot done.  So let’s get to the list:

Weekly Assignment (Deep Treatment):
Clean bathroom and related closets.  DONE.  I have  functional linen and laundry closets now.   Baskets or storage bins would complete everything.  They will have to wait as I’ve been spending way too much time at Bed, Bath & Beyond and the like.  


organized but still a work in progress

organized but still a work in progress

De clutter cabinets and closets.  DONE- See above.
Arrange your bathroom efficiently. DONE (Sort of)- I threw away anything old, empty or completely unecessary. What’s left is organized but I need bins.  Seriously, I spend way too much time in home stores.  Must step away!
Upgrade your razor and shaving supplies.  DONE and DONE 
Purchase bath salts and a nice soap. Would you settle for a really nice shower gel?!
Place a candle in your bathroom. DONE.  
Consider scents for your home.  Scented (soy based!) candles placed all over the apartment. Scents, DONE
Plan for the week ahead on Sunday. On schedule for tomorrow, Sunday FUNday!  Sarcasm aside, this might help as I always have things going on during the week that I just forget about until the night before or when my lunch appointment is calling me to confirm day of.
Wake early and take a bath before work.  Sounds really good in theory but not gonna happen.  Sleep is far too precious.  I’d rather take a nice hot shower after snoozing for 30 minutes.
– Optional: consider a media fast for the next week.  The only way I’d consider doing this is if I were on an expense paid trip around the world.  I’m far too attached to media (it’s my livelihood!) to give up completely.
Optional: straighten your desk at work. We’re moving to virtual files so this is becoming less and less of a problem.   Either way, I try to tidy (When did I start saying tidy!?) before leaving each night.  I also make to-do lists to set up for the next day.


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