Paint the Room BLUE!

I’ve never spent so much time in my dining room.  I love the color. I love the sunlight in mid afternoon.  I even love my new plant- a peace lily.   If it makes it to the end of the summer without dying, I will love it even more.  

This weekend was THE weekend. I finally painted the dining room with help from friends.  No more paint sample squares in the middle of the wall. I’m not one to kiss my own ass but everything came out flippin awesome!  

one can of paint + 2.5 hrs = my new favorite room

one can of paint + 2.5 hrs = my new favorite room

We started around 130 on Saturday.  Taping the walls took a lot of time but painting took no time at all.  The craziest part to this whole project? We painted the entire room in one coat (no primer) with one can of paint.  We rolled until the brushes were bone dry.  Harmony paint (No VOC = Eco friendly and NO FUMES!) from Sherwin Williams only comes in a gallon size so I didn’t want to waste paint by buying extra to go unused.  Yes, there are minor imperfections but who cares.  Can you find them? Okay, maybe you can but it just adds character to the room.  

almost there!

almost there!

The next thing to do is finish the chairs. Imagine that these chairs are white and the seats are covered in fabulous Amy Butler fabric. Go on, I’ll wait…Can you see it?  I really want to play up the white and chocolate brown accents in the room.  

On a completely unrelated note, I went to the nursery today to pick up new house plants.   They easily add color to any room but they also improve the air quality.  I just hope that they survive the summer.  My thumbs aren’t very green but I like to think that I can keep a plant alive.  We’ll see.  

cant remember the names but cute, no?

can't remember the names but cute, no?

These will go in the living room eventually.  



Peace Lilly

Peace Lilly

Miss Lilly (you’re supposed to name your plants, right?) will stay in the Dining Room.


2 responses to “Paint the Room BLUE!

  1. Looks SO good with the plants and table! Might be the most fun I’ve had painting..

  2. If you thought that was fun, just wait until we paint the living room! Just kidding… thanks for your help!

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