I Like Where This Is Going.

I started work on the side table this weekend.  After three sanding attempts, I could not get the top surface smooth enough to paint.  The original layers were  just too thick and uneven. Yes, I could have applied paint remover but I’m impatient.  

It took me two months to pick a color and now I just want this project done.  I decided to just pretend that the imperfections will give the piece a bit of character.  To my surprise, it didn’t look so bad.  It’s only the first coat but I the primer/paint combo (Color: Pumpkin Harvest)  is providing great coverage so far.


i can dig it

i can dig it

The color reminds of the Great Pumpkin.  It’s not the shocking orange that I was going for but I like it.   It works well with the lampshade and other accessories that I have planned for this area.  If it sucks, it’s just paint and I can redo it.  So far, however, I like where this is going.


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