living room update

While at Ikea, I bought a few items for the living room.  My overall goal is to have the room (close to) done  by the start of the cure.  It’s definitely evolved but there’s still room for improvement.

Please excuse the poor lighting.  Thankfully, my photography skills have also improved.  I cannot wait to take a class.  Moving along.

Lighting aside, the room felt very dark.  The furniture, the limited light sources, and lack of accessories were all guilty contributions to the overall fail in the room.  During the cure, Iwanted to make the space more open.  You wouldn’t know it but this room is fairly large and open.  The lack of flow in the room hindered that openness.

During the Cure
During the Cure

 The revised layout resolved a lot of issues.  It looks far more balanced, right? I increased the light sources by adding a lamp the dresser (to the left of the photo frame) and moved my desk lamp to the top of the bookcase (to the right of the photo frame).  The furniture placement makes more sense.  I spend more time in my favorite chair and I love it.  The opposite corner still needed work but the clutter was greatly reduced.  Leaving it in the outbox forced me to think about owning stuff simply for the sake of owning it.  I wanted to have things because I loved them.  This thought process has had a huge influence on my shopping habits.  Impulse purchases are limited to things I simply cannot leave the store without.  Planned store visits have become the norm.

At this point in the cure, I also starting to hang some of my artwork.  Yes, that is the Ork Chicago poster.  I don’t care if everyone has one- I flippin love it.  

New layout, Same old clutter
New layout, Same old clutter

I’m trying not to focus on this but just look at the vast improvement on the photography!?

Here’s what the current view looks like.  During my latest trip to Ikea, I bought the rug and coffee table.  Initially, I was going to buy a knock off slated bench from Domicile.   However, I’ve decided to save money for the real thing.  It’s time to start treating myself  While good design doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, a fair balance of both vintage and modern makes a room more interesting.  The Ikea (Lack) table is just a stand in to replace my current one that is falling apart.  You can’t see it in the other photos but the state of the old table was embarrassing.  Thank you, crappy lighting!!

morning view
morning view

 Future plans:  

  • Media Storage Solution: When I updated my cable box to HD, I lost one drawer space.  In the photo above, you can see how cluttered it looks.  I’ve played around with a few options but nothing seems to work right. 
  • Purchase side table and chair:  See the empty space in the top right corner, I want to fill it with a chair and side table.  Another idea is to finally put a shelf above the radiator.  I cannot decide.  It will probably depend on the dimension of the new chair.
  • Hang mirror over entry way: I go back and forth on painting it but it needs to go up asap. 
  • Purchase side table and chair
  • Art Project of wall parallel to the TV
  • Purchase floor lamp
  • Paint walls (White)


let there be light
let there be light

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