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cure stalled…

I would love to know how people actually finish every single cure task on time! This is my second attempt to get my house in order and my efforts have completely fallen off. With that said. I did manage to finish a few projects. It’s a step in the right direction.

I needed a dresser and saw an awesome Ikea Hack on design*sponge (LOVE d*s). One trip to Ikea (thank you, zipcar) and I now have bedroom storage.

My other project was less intensive. Since my plants are still thriving (hey now!), I wanted to give them a proper home. Ikea to the rescue once again as their frosta stools were the perfect size. The painted surface was inspired by this hack from door sixteen.

This weekend, I’m headed to the One of a Kind Show in Chicago. Held at the Merchandise Mart, hundreds of artists and designers gather to showcase and sell their wares. I loved it last year and cannot wait to go back. The cure may be on the back burner but shopping for it never ends.


I Like Where This Is Going.

I started work on the side table this weekend.  After three sanding attempts, I could not get the top surface smooth enough to paint.  The original layers were  just too thick and uneven. Yes, I could have applied paint remover but I’m impatient.  

It took me two months to pick a color and now I just want this project done.  I decided to just pretend that the imperfections will give the piece a bit of character.  To my surprise, it didn’t look so bad.  It’s only the first coat but I the primer/paint combo (Color: Pumpkin Harvest)  is providing great coverage so far.


i can dig it

i can dig it

The color reminds of the Great Pumpkin.  It’s not the shocking orange that I was going for but I like it.   It works well with the lampshade and other accessories that I have planned for this area.  If it sucks, it’s just paint and I can redo it.  So far, however, I like where this is going.