Fall Cure: Week 1

The cure is finally here and it’s time to start on the bedroom.   So far, I’ve worked out a budget and started a repair’s list.  I went on a bedroom cleaning binge last weekend, working on the floors, baseboard, the radiator… even the closet (including a clothing purge). 


Fix one thing in your apartment

Clean your kitchen from top to bottom and throw away old food

Buy a water filter and use it

Done! Carryover from Spring Cure


Run your hands over every wall in your apartment

Another one of those weird tasks.  (I’m committed so I’ll do it-again!)

Clear space for and Outbox

Use Outbox


Buy Flowers

Determine your style

I’ve settled on Modern Vintage. (Yay for oxymoron!)


Find a new recipe and cook one meal at home.

Choose a date for housewarming.

One-Room Remedy:

Decide what activities you want in your room and where they will go.

Buy, borrow, or make a floor plan tool.

Map out the room that bothers you most and work out your solution.

Done.  I moved some furniture around and tried out some new things.  Originally purchased for a plant stand, this Frosta stool is doing a pretty good job next to my bed.  Not to mention this arrangement will save a few pennies on my budget.


Paint or Stain?

Paint or Stain?

Name your vision.

Build a Shopping List.


living room update

While at Ikea, I bought a few items for the living room.  My overall goal is to have the room (close to) done  by the start of the cure.  It’s definitely evolved but there’s still room for improvement.

Please excuse the poor lighting.  Thankfully, my photography skills have also improved.  I cannot wait to take a class.  Moving along.

Lighting aside, the room felt very dark.  The furniture, the limited light sources, and lack of accessories were all guilty contributions to the overall fail in the room.  During the cure, Iwanted to make the space more open.  You wouldn’t know it but this room is fairly large and open.  The lack of flow in the room hindered that openness.

During the Cure
During the Cure

 The revised layout resolved a lot of issues.  It looks far more balanced, right? I increased the light sources by adding a lamp the dresser (to the left of the photo frame) and moved my desk lamp to the top of the bookcase (to the right of the photo frame).  The furniture placement makes more sense.  I spend more time in my favorite chair and I love it.  The opposite corner still needed work but the clutter was greatly reduced.  Leaving it in the outbox forced me to think about owning stuff simply for the sake of owning it.  I wanted to have things because I loved them.  This thought process has had a huge influence on my shopping habits.  Impulse purchases are limited to things I simply cannot leave the store without.  Planned store visits have become the norm.

At this point in the cure, I also starting to hang some of my artwork.  Yes, that is the Ork Chicago poster.  I don’t care if everyone has one- I flippin love it.  

New layout, Same old clutter
New layout, Same old clutter

I’m trying not to focus on this but just look at the vast improvement on the photography!?

Here’s what the current view looks like.  During my latest trip to Ikea, I bought the rug and coffee table.  Initially, I was going to buy a knock off slated bench from Domicile.   However, I’ve decided to save money for the real thing.  It’s time to start treating myself  While good design doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, a fair balance of both vintage and modern makes a room more interesting.  The Ikea (Lack) table is just a stand in to replace my current one that is falling apart.  You can’t see it in the other photos but the state of the old table was embarrassing.  Thank you, crappy lighting!!

morning view
morning view

 Future plans:  

  • Media Storage Solution: When I updated my cable box to HD, I lost one drawer space.  In the photo above, you can see how cluttered it looks.  I’ve played around with a few options but nothing seems to work right. 
  • Purchase side table and chair:  See the empty space in the top right corner, I want to fill it with a chair and side table.  Another idea is to finally put a shelf above the radiator.  I cannot decide.  It will probably depend on the dimension of the new chair.
  • Hang mirror over entry way: I go back and forth on painting it but it needs to go up asap. 
  • Purchase side table and chair
  • Art Project of wall parallel to the TV
  • Purchase floor lamp
  • Paint walls (White)


let there be light
let there be light

the faint smell of paint and rubber cement

School is going well but it is slowly taking over my apartment. No matter how many candles I light every day, there’s a faint smell of paint and rubber cement. Gross. It needs to be contained, asap.
Inspired by an Apartment Therapy post on double duty work spaces,  I’ve decided to turn my dining room into a work space. 


love this (photo from Apartment Therapy)

love this (photo from Apartment Therapy)

In my dream world: I’d stretch the dining room out by 9 or 10 sq feet, add some built in shelving and more windows. Actually, a window seat with a nice view to sketch would be lovely.  With that said, I still want a proper dining room where I can have my morning coffee (per my mother’s request- she firmly AND wisely suggests a little quiet time in the morning, just you and a cup o’ joe) or have people over for dinner (for those home cooked cure meals that I’ve stopped making months ago- hello, takeout!) 

With the new 2010 catalog in tow, I went to Ikea for some storage options.  I know I shouldn’t like Ikea as I do but I believe good design doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.

time goes by..

Wall Clock

Originally uploaded by solbeam

School has left me completely drained. I took today off to do nothing. Well, I hung this clock but now I feel like something’s missing. It’s smaller than I thought it would be. I still love it but the space needs something more.

Flokati Rugs? Yes/No?!

Image found on Apartment Therapy

Image found on Apartment Therapy

I really want a Flokati rug for the living room.  How cool does this look???

The Glidden National Paint Giveaway

Glidden is giving away a free quart of paint! I thought it was weird but it’s legit!  I want to paint my bedroom in the fall so I chose a test color called Barely Lilac. Looks calming, right?  It’s better than cheap vanilla ice cream beige that I have right now.

The promotion starts today and runs through July 2 (while supplies last!).


I Like Where This Is Going.

I started work on the side table this weekend.  After three sanding attempts, I could not get the top surface smooth enough to paint.  The original layers were  just too thick and uneven. Yes, I could have applied paint remover but I’m impatient.  

It took me two months to pick a color and now I just want this project done.  I decided to just pretend that the imperfections will give the piece a bit of character.  To my surprise, it didn’t look so bad.  It’s only the first coat but I the primer/paint combo (Color: Pumpkin Harvest)  is providing great coverage so far.


i can dig it

i can dig it

The color reminds of the Great Pumpkin.  It’s not the shocking orange that I was going for but I like it.   It works well with the lampshade and other accessories that I have planned for this area.  If it sucks, it’s just paint and I can redo it.  So far, however, I like where this is going.