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the faint smell of paint and rubber cement

School is going well but it is slowly taking over my apartment. No matter how many candles I light every day, there’s a faint smell of paint and rubber cement. Gross. It needs to be contained, asap.
Inspired by an Apartment Therapy post on double duty work spaces,  I’ve decided to turn my dining room into a work space. 


love this (photo from Apartment Therapy)

love this (photo from Apartment Therapy)

In my dream world: I’d stretch the dining room out by 9 or 10 sq feet, add some built in shelving and more windows. Actually, a window seat with a nice view to sketch would be lovely.  With that said, I still want a proper dining room where I can have my morning coffee (per my mother’s request- she firmly AND wisely suggests a little quiet time in the morning, just you and a cup o’ joe) or have people over for dinner (for those home cooked cure meals that I’ve stopped making months ago- hello, takeout!) 

With the new 2010 catalog in tow, I went to Ikea for some storage options.  I know I shouldn’t like Ikea as I do but I believe good design doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.


Every Home Needs a Bar

One of many, many projects on my home design list is to add a bar to the dining room. Naturally, I turned to the Internet for inspiration. This Ikea hack would be a great use of vertical space. For the sake of symmetry, I would add units on both sides of the walkway to the living room.

ikea hacker

Paint the Room BLUE!

I’ve never spent so much time in my dining room.  I love the color. I love the sunlight in mid afternoon.  I even love my new plant- a peace lily.   If it makes it to the end of the summer without dying, I will love it even more.  

This weekend was THE weekend. I finally painted the dining room with help from friends.  No more paint sample squares in the middle of the wall. I’m not one to kiss my own ass but everything came out flippin awesome!  

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Home Cure: Week #4 (Wrap up)

Happy Easter! I loved Easter as a kid.  Easter eggs hunts, bunnies and CANDY! Oh my!  Things are a little different now but still very fun. Easter brunch, anyone?

Despite the holiday, I still crossed the remaining cure items off my list.

Let’s get to it…

Repairs are being taken care of this week.

In progress but should be completed by the end of the cure

Confirm what you need to increase or decrease color in each room.

Kitchen:  Art (Photos) for the walls.  Colorful canisters used for storage.

Dining Room:

PAINT! I stopped by Sherwin Williams for samples and I’m pleased with the outcome.  The painting party is a go!

St. Barts!

St. Barts!

Living Room:  A rug is first on my list.  I also want to swap the pillows  and get something (anything!) on the walls.

in progress

in progress

Bedroom: New Linens.

Bathroom: Ugh.  Can’t even think about it.

Identify what you need to increase or decrease softness in each room.

I’d like to put up curtains in each room and that’s all I got (for now)!  Hey, I’m working on it!

I still can’t believe I’ve made it this far into the cure.  As the fine men from Bon Jovi would say, ohhhh, We’re half way thereeeee! Ohhh oh! Living on a prayer!

Cheers to week five!

Home Cure: Week #4 (Mid-Week Check-in)

This week was pretty crazy for me as I had a lot going on at work.  Instead of feeling overwhelmed by all the things I couldn’t do, I took a look at what I had accomplished so far.

Okay, let’s get to it…

Clean up living room and related closets.

Working on it.

  • I bought extra magazine files from the Container Store.  In order to keep clutter to a minimum, I only stored magazines that I loved.
  • Organized the linen dresser (It’s in the Living Room).
  • Cleaned behind the Love Seat and Chair. Now, I’m thinking of swapping the TV with the seating.
  • Organized the remaining books and other media.

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Coveted: A Chic Dining Room

This is what my dining room looks like now.  The table was in my old kitchen and is just not working for me now.  If I had the funds to replace it, believe me I would.   For now, I plan on staining them dark.  I think the contrast with blue walls and white accents could be rather striking.  Well, striking is a strong word.  I’d settle for really stinkin’ cool.

Not much to see here

Since the space is empty, painting is first on the list.  Who knew there were so many color options!?  I literally spent hours looking at samples and I think I’ve narrowed it down to three: