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Week #3: Entry Update

The Container Store is quickly becoming my favorite store. It’s filled with all kinds of ways to be super organized in ways you didn’t know was possible. I walked in with a list so that I wouldn’t stray and within minutes that list went out the window. By the time I made it to the register, I put my foot down and put back the gem shaped magnets (Seriously, wtf?).

The goal was to find items to help organize my entry way. Here’s what I bought:

Now, I already own a charging station that I keep in my bedroom. Did I need to buy this one? Probably, not.  Either way, it will end up on my desk or in the kitchen.

I'm a sucker for 4.99 pricepoints.

Mobi Charging Station

I also bought a shoe rack system because the photo on the left is what my hallway looks like on normal basis. The hallway is clear now and I’m happy.

10-Compartment Canvas Hanging Shoe Bag

Finally, I worked on a few options for the dresser.  There were piles of junk mail on the surface (and on my desk).   I’m going to live with this for a while.  There are a few placeholders for art.  Any suggestions? 



Oh Snap: New Bedding!

I’m excited about my new bedding. When I started the Apartment Therapy cure, I found this amazing set from DwellStudio for my inspiration set.



Since, it was $300 bucks, I thought the Target version would be a suitable alternative.  Either way, procrastination got the best of me and 3 months later-no new duvet set.

Well, I’m so happy that I waited because I just found the original set on sale  (One Kings Lane is my new favorite website. It’s the place where sales are events!)  The original is only $30 dollars more than what I found at Target and 427472384723 times better quality. The kicker: I got a $25 credit just signing up on their mailing list. My final total: $119 ::happy dance::

Hopefully, this will be a great base to design the rest of the room. My Fall cure is going to be a One Room Treatment and there is MUCH to be done!